Creating global brand event guidelines


IVORY get to know the companies we work with. We understand you are entrusting your brand to us and like to repay that trust by treating your brand with respect, becoming well versed in what you stand for. This attitude led Acer to invite us to design their global event brand guidelines.


Each region approached Acer events in a different way and their practices were not aligned. They needed guidelines that would enable their employees to exhibit consistently in every region, without compromising local specificity.


IVORY’s communication and design teams developed a simple, compelling style for the guidelines. Coupling our experience of the brand with our events expertise, we created a set of effective rules communicating how products should be displayed, what materials should be used for design and how brand messaging should be presented.

The guidelines gave Acer a foundation for the entire event process, from invitation to venue. They are currently in use around the world, having proven effective at giving Acer representatives the freedom to create dynamic events, while still keeping brand presence globally consistent.

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