Boao Forum for Asia

Bringing a continent closer together


Modelled on the World Economic Forum, Boao is a high-level conference that addresses the most pressing issues facing Asia. IVORY were invited to deliver a gala dinner for 350 high-ranking government officials, global finance leaders, policymakers and academics in Dubai. This was the first time this important event had been held in the Middle East region.


To embody the spirit of international collaboration that BOAO represents, we created a rich environment inspired by the Silk Road: the ancient route that linked Asia together hundreds of years ago.


Furniture and décor combined design elements from traditional East Asian and Middle Eastern marketplaces, complemented by bespoke 16–metre long table runners that covered the length of the dining tables. These were embroidered with the names of old Silk Road trading posts between Asia and the Middle East, weaving collaboration into the design of the space itself.

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