Design Bridge offices

Creating a workplace that works


Design Bridge are a well-respected international brand agency based in London’s Clerkenwell. IVORY were brought in to redesign their offices, held since they were founded in 1986.

We saw our work as an opportunity to help Design Bridge craft a working environment that would foster collaboration and even better creative work.

We worked closely with the agency to understand how the space was currently being used before we began.

Design Bridge employees were in situ whilst work was carried out, meaning IVORY had to carefully complete the project a few sections at a time, to cause as little disruption as possible.


The main office

By talking to Design Bridge and observing how they worked, we understood that each department would use the main office in different ways.

Our response was to push against uniform design and create a range of unique spaces. Walls were removed, staircases repositioned and the whole lighting scheme reconfigured to create identities for each new environment.

Care was taken to ensure these spaces were functional. This included subtle changes like deep-bottomed shelves that would allow for concept boards to be displayed without mounting.


The studio

For their adjacent studio, Design Bridge wanted an environment that would encourage collaborative work. Our redesign turned every inch of wall space into a showcase for concepts so that the creative team could discuss visuals and watch an idea evolve.

To allow thinking space alongside this, we tempered the studio’s acoustics with bands of orange buzzy felt. These were woven into the rest of the interior decoration scheme, uniting floors with a single thread of colour.

Our success in answering this brief has seen a shift in working practises in the studio. Formal meeting rooms are now used less, and most discussions and presentations take place out on the floor amongst the team at large.


The Creative Directors’ floor

IVORY’s next task was to design the Creative Directors’ floor. Here, we created the feel of an arts club by using retro furniture from the 50s and 60s, a rich colour palette, and lighting schemes that gave the place real atmosphere.

Large desks were chosen instead of individual ones, once more reiterating the collaborative work ethic.

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