HP Roadshows

Taking brands around the world


No matter how well connected you are, the importance of meeting face-to-face is never going to change. That’s what makes roadshows effective ‐ they are your campaign trail, allowing you to spread a strong, relevant message.

This can be tricky. As a multinational you must ensure consistency across markets but pay attention to local detail.

The point of a roadshow is to let your customers and suppliers know you’re speaking directly to them, not showing them something that’s one-size-fits-all.

IVORY have extensive experience designing and delivering roadshows for a range of purposes, across the globe. Taking one brand as an example, here are three ways we’ve helped HP press the flesh…


Energizer Tour

A 21-event roadshow to train local account managers and get them enthused about HP’s new product line. With stops throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, it was designed to enhance HP’s footprint in the EMEA region.

IVORY’s roadshow experience and holistic view meant we were able to provide perspective and work out a unified agenda for the tour that suited all parties.

The challenge then was to keep this agenda consistent while fitting it to different countries, managing logistical challenges across cultural and geographical boundaries.

IVORY created a unified online registration and information portal for the event, working to ensure HP branding was consistent across all communications, in any region, whilst also building in flexibility to account for the variable structure of the different events and different languages.

We then expanded the content of the roadshow stops themselves, evolving the event from bare bones (with only a few products, customers and partners) to a rich environment with a strong HP brand statement. Post-event polling of EMEA attendees reflected the success of our improvements, with partner satisfaction up 4% on previous years, to 90% overall.


Vertica Insights Tour

A tour of the US to build buzz for HP Vertica’s Big Data Conference in Boston and develop new customer relationships ahead of the event.

IVORY identified four venues within Vertica’s critical sales territories. At each we held events that would engage a general audience, but that were also focused on the themes of the upcoming conference, to start the right conversations.

At the Spy Museum in Washington DC we helped highlight Vertica’s ability to protect data from prying eyes. In San Francisco, we touched on historical data collection at the Marine Memorial Museum.

In New York City, we showcased Vertica’s vibrant world of big data at the New York Stock Exchange. In Los Angeles, we demonstrated how important big data can be by revealing its instrumental role in DreamWorks Animation’s creative work.

To each of the main events we appended meeting spaces for Vertica to strengthen ties to smaller customer groups. The outcome was the creation of several substantial new business leads, while Vertica executives were able to enhance their relationships with prospects, key partners and thought leaders.

“These events help us build value in the Vertica brand and make a real impact on the sales experience for the customer” – Vertica East Coast Sales Team


World Tour

A truly global event, taking in thirteen countries across four continents. IVORY were charged with delivering the EMEA portion of the Tour, covering Milan, Mannheim, Paris, Moscow and London.

Over 600 guests attended each event. All five consisted of a plenary session, six breakout sessions and a networking reception, but each involved different programme sponsors and demos of HP technology.

Whilst keeping a consistent baseline for the events, we coordinated with each of the five locations to meet their varying cultural demands. IVORY managed the translation of all materials into local languages, overseeing everything to ensure HP had a unified brand presence.

We then looked for ways to improve the events further, creating a cleaner aesthetic by elevating the floor to hide all cables and constructing a living wall of plants to display information about HP’s sustainability programme.

We also organised camera crews that were able to film the events and upload edited footage to the tour website immediately following each event. All of this was accomplished in five months, with the project brief received in November and the first event held in April.

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