Nokia at Mobile World Congress

Building relationships with a vital audience


Nokia approached us with a strong aim for Mobile World Congress: improve relations with app developers and get them more interested in creating content for Nokia devices running the Windows Phone OS.


To achieve this, we created a Developer Relations Dinner and designed Nokia’s presence at the Application Developer Conference (a one-day event that puts 600 developers face-to-face with mobile brand reps).


App developers are a creative and often fiercely independent group, so our solution needed to show them that Nokia shared and respected this ethos. For the dinner, we put creativity first by partnering with local artists.

Our dining hall featured an interior by leading Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, our Mediterranean menu inspired by the local culinary scene, and famous local artists were commissioned to perform throughout the night.


We pushed Nokia to make sure developer creativity was the heart of their conference presence. An app ecosystem is a place for new ideas to flourish, so it was important Nokia put these new ideas first.

We built the event around an interactive Community Corner, which contained six custom-built demo screens where developers could show off their projects for others to experience first-hand.


With over 200 attendees visiting the stand during the day, Nokia’s MWC presence delivered an unconventional, interactive experience that improved the brand’s developer relationships and built positive brand equity amongst a vital creative community.

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