Nokia OZO UK Launch

Making virtual reality

The Nokia OZO is the world’s first professional-grade Virtual Reality camera. IVORY created the camera’s EMEA launch event at the Greenwich O2 Arena, London.

This needed to be a true fanfare launch, suited to the product’s importance. The environment needed to be elegant, to reflect OZO’s premium design.

We worked closely with the Nokia brand team to create a clean, sophisticated, engaging environment that built a sense of mystery and gravitas for the product.

OZO is feature-rich, which meant a multilayered approach to showcasing its capabilities. We created a series of clear product zones and demo areas alongside a central plenary, with intuitive visitor flow.

OZO is also the first camera able to livestream VR. To showcase this, we held an intimate gig on the roof of a central London hotel… and broadcast it live in VR at the Greenwich O2: teleporting guests right into an experience happening miles away.

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