The Pioneers Forum

A careers fair for the UAE embassy


A rapidly growing economy will always be in need of new talent. The United Arab Emirates embassy in London hired IVORY to design and deliver their first ever UK graduate fair in 2014, with the goal of “attracting the best and brightest of the next generation” to live and work in the UAE.


We were starting from scratch with a broad scope – the fair needed to appeal to students across all interests from finance to filmmaking; while also showcasing the unique benefits of 21 different UAE-based companies. This meant creating a compelling identity that would attract as many people as possible while remaining distinct and memorable.

‘The UAE-UK Pioneers Forum’ was IVORY’s solution to this problem: an inclusive identity that still felt distinctive because it was applied across every aspect of the event and all collateral.


This co-ordinated approach to theming made The UAE-UK Pioneers Forum memorable, driving high attendance. The quality and range of attendees meant it was worthwhile for both the embassy and exhibiting brands, so much so that we were invited back to deliver the second fair in 2015.


In 2015, we grew the number of exhibiting brands by 20% and made a number of improvements to further improve student/exhibitor networking.

This included relocating the forum to a 5* central London hotel where exhibitors and attendees could stay overnight (meaning networking could go on longer) and creating a single unified space for the forum with a central presentation arena – a design that promoted more interaction between attendees and exhibitors.

Finally, we extended our talks programme and honed it around individual industries, making it easier for students to isolate the information they needed.

Beyond theming, for both years, IVORY created the Pioneers Forum website, online registration and social media presence. We also crafted the speaker programme; coordinated the outreach campaign to students/universities/sponsors; designed and constructed the space; managed the event itself and, finally, filmed coverage of it.

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