Pop-up Environments

Creating temporary brilliance

Putting on successful events means more than just designing them. Being able to pull them off within challenging timelines or even cart them around on the back of a truck is often vital too.


Westonbirt festival shop

Set within a beautiful arboretum, The Westonbirt International Festival of the Garden showcases high-concept garden designs by landscape artists from around the world. Following on from an exhibition we had created for their inaugural year, we were invited to design a temporary outdoor sales area that echoed the quirky spirit of the festival itself.

With budget a significant challenge, we began with a simple point of reference: the garden shed. We overscaled this humble structure and then chopped it in half, creating an open, inviting sales area illustrated with an organic design. The furnishings continued the garden theme, with raised planters holding merchandise. The shed basis of the structure meant that it could be put up and dismantled quickly and efficiently on the festival’s tight timelines.


HP Campus Roadshow

HP asked IVORY to design and execute a product roadshow that would visit 43 universities in multiple markets. The roadshow aimed to inspire and educate young people about what freedom of learning will mean for them in the future. It would also provide workshops for students to promote the benefits of HP’s latest range.

This workshop programme would change throughout the tour, tailored to the needs of different educational institutions in different countries. IVORY meticulously designed a mobile demonstration suite that provided enough space and light for visitors to experience HP’s products, but was also flexible enough to accommodate the changing programme.

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