The Future of Milk

Forecasting trends for a leading supermarket


A leading retailer asked IVORY to help plan how the customers of tomorrow will experience in-store shopping. The objective was to create a future-proof dairy aisle that looked ahead five years and beyond, to increase footfall and drive cross-category sales.


Working closely with their in-house team, our conceptual designers, artists, digital gurus and researchers developed a virtual environment to present our vision to the retailer’s senior planners.


Our aim was to create a new shopping experience for customers. Having researched what these products represent to people on a practical and emotional level, we conveyed key inspirations for the future, materials, physical layout, graphics and the construction of an interactive experiential environment.

These ideas were well received by the brand, who came to us for innovative thinking. They are now developing plans for the future that centre on two key themes articulated in our vision.

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