The Science Museum

Creating a restaurant that stretches time



“Direct, colourful and extremely appropriate to the environment” is how Design Week judges described our interior design for the London Science Museum restaurant, winner of their Best Hospitality Space Award.


Our work on the restaurant started with a simple, plain space. This represented a great opportunity to create something with function and form. The restaurant was to be a resting place away from the exhibitions, but it was important that it still embody the spirit of the museum.


The central element of our design was a tall graphic band encircling the space, which defined the area and created a strong visual identity. It showed a stretched still image representing time and the Earth’s rotation, and was also designed so the museum could give the restaurant a different feel very cheaply, simply by changing the image.


Our lighting scheme furthered this subtle scientific theme. Trios of cathode, LED and Edison light bulbs were suspended above floating glass sheets, representing the history of electrical light in three stages.

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