Universal Music, Nicolas Wine, Reuters

Using buildings as branding


IVORY’s interior design work is always informed by the values of whomever we are designing for. We ensure our spaces embody brands because we understand just how much environments shape perceptions. Here are three examples…


A different key

Universal Music’s Kensington HQ is home to a diverse group of record labels ranging from classical to reggae. Their varied identities meant that bringing them all together in one place had proven difficult, the result being that the reception space felt a bit generic. Our job was to change that.

We found a tone for the space that was vibrant but not overpowering. Bold pastel walls met sober slate-coloured furniture of different, classic styles. We hung a grid of double-sided Polaroid photos in the ground floor windows; casual shots of various Universal artists. We then placed larger versions of these in the upper windows, creating a consistent theme. As a whole, our re-design communicated the glamour and diversity of Universal Music’s portfolio, but without discarding the sobriety of the serious business driving it all.


A better vintage

Nicolas Wine Merchants value quality, simplicity and easy-going style. These brand values were central to our reworking of their popular Canary Wharf wine bar, which was to be redesigned so that it better embodied the brand.

Our design began with Nicolas’ heritage, referencing classic French elegance and complementing this foundation with contemporary furniture and detailing. Currently a single location, the Nicolas Wine Bar has since been conceptualised for a wider rollout following our redesign.


Hitting refresh

Reuters approached us to help them evolve new possibilities for their brand. They wanted to create a hybrid juice bar and information lab that would offer business professionals fast Wi-Fi and up-to-the-minute interactive news coverage. Our design used large photojournalism prints in a bright, open space that reflected the transparency and clarity of the Reuters brand.

We also worked with Reuters to create interactive digital news displays within the bar and oversaw the design of all print media, food packaging and signage.

The Reuters Refresh brand proved popular in the area, and our design even went on to influence a broader Thompson Reuters rebrand in later years.

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