100,000 attendees from over 200 countries.

Mobile World Congress is the world’s most influential mobile event. IVORY has created flagship exhibitions there every year, for over a decade. We know MWC inside out.

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Here’s some of our highlights.

HPE Flagship Stand
Simplicity not shine. Peace not noise. Bringing Hewlett Packard Enterprise to MWC 2018, our aim was to stand out by paring things back. Instead of steel and wood we used lightweight aluminium and translucent gauzy material. Our design let us use light in interesting ways to suggest large interior spaces while maintaining privacy. The overall effect was something unified and unique that captured attention on an otherwise intense conference floor.

HPE House
As well as a flagship exhibition, HPE wanted a space away from the conference for high level meetings.
IVORY proposed ‘HPE House’ a sanctuary of meeting space and hospitality – a home-from-home with real brand presence. Located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, our logistics team made the House experience seamless by handling transfers, F&B and registration.

NFV Partner Showcase
The Partner Showcase exhibition was a fresh, playful environment celebrating the innovation of fifteen different brands. Our design gave each organisation room to be distinct, while keeping an overall unity in the space. Above everything, an interactive visual canopy drew the showcase together with reactive digital pillars that responded to guests in real time.

Nokia Flagship Stand
Nokia approached us aiming to improve relations with app developers, using MWC to get them interested in future collaboration. However, connecting with this creative and often fiercely independent audience represented a challenge. We built our Nokia exhibition around ‘Community Corner’, where demo interfaces let developers preview their apps for others – showing that Nokia respected and supported their work.

HP Inc Flagship Stand
HP’s home at MWC had to be multifunctional and fresh. We made best use of limited space to showcase a lot of product while also allowing enough room for meetings. A considered location and smart product habitats helped visitor flow, while kinetic media installations made the stand striking. Everything served the central message we developed, ‘Technology That Moves You.’

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