Each year, HP hosts a face-to-face event to bring together call centre teams who promote and sell its products. It’s a vital moment of unity and a chance for them to get to grips with the latest HP devices.

Ivory has created the Webhelp Sales Training event for the past three years – but in 2020, the coronavirus crisis changed everything. With our audience in lockdown, we’d need to transform the event into an online experience that met the same business goals and recaptured the spirit of face-to-face, virtually. We’d need ways to hold attention and make attendees active participants, not passive viewers.

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Every element of the virtual Webhelp event was designed to encourage engagement. We broke down the one-day schedule into a weeklong series that kept things fresh and let attendees fit sessions around existing commitments. We applied a fun, colourful theme across every aspect of the online event: ‘Level Up’ was an inspirational message inspired by 8-bit retro gaming and suited to the unprecedented, remote nature of the 2020 edition.

Our online event platform was completely bespoke, fully secure, and easy to run in a web browser. Bringing everything together in one place, it featured personalised agenda pages for each attendee alongside livestreaming video with polling, Q&A and chat feeds. Alongside this were product information pages, a social aggregator that pulled in community posts from across social channels, and a playable arcade featuring a different retro game each day. This ‘Level Up’ theme was woven into all presentations, scripts and written communications to create a distinct, unified tone.

Level Up sessions were a mix of larger product keynotes and small-group roundtables that kept attendees engaged with challenges that tested their knowledge. The sessions were compered by two hosts who brought unity and personality to the week. We coached HP presenters on how to present over webcam and helped make their presentations as concise and engaging as possible. Finally, we kept the community spirit alive with a series of fun ‘play along at home’ challenges including a DIY arcade competition, with prizes to spur attendees’ competitive spirit.

Going online let us double the usual Webhelp audience on the same budget. Level Up attendees participated in an average of ten sessions each, for a total of 3,700 sessions and 23,000 pageviews across the week. In post-event surveys they rated the overall event and level of HP product knowledge they’d gained as 4.4 out of 5. Our virtual event kept the community alive on social media, where attendees shared what the theme meant to them and posted videos of their homemade arcade games – including an impressive DIY claw machine and a hoop toss made (appropriately enough) from an old HP printer.

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